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Vaccines for Yeast Infection

The vaccines are not for treatment of the virus, as you suggest. They are intended to prevent women from becoming infected. Many of them are not based on solid research, but they have some interesting theories that are paired with some treatments that don't stand much of a chance for harm. But some of the stuff they recommend is not only disproven, but is in fact HARMFUL. Treatment of fungal infections can be long drawn. Oral medication usually takes a course of 6 to 12 weeks.

This natural treatment offers a permanent cure. For example, if a bacteria is treated with two drugs, A and B, and becomes resistant to drug A, then drug A is no longer an effective treatment. But if drug A suppresses some of the effect of drug B, then developing a resistance to drug A might allow drug B to become more potent, thus having an overall deleterious effect on the bacteria.

If you want a natural, soothing yeast infection remedy, apply a mild vinegar solution to the affected area. One safe way to do this is to put a cup or more of apple cider vinegar in hot bath water, and then get in for a nice relaxing soak. You could also go about to use Yeastrol yeast infection treatment which would offer instant relief from the problem of yeast infection. The outer area and the vulva area can become swollen and red, this can result in painful urination and sexual intercourse may also be painful too. Also, washing of the vaginal area more than is necessary with tap water will make for another cause of yeast infection. What’s more, yeast infection is not solely confined to the vagina and it can even be found in oral cavities as well as bowels, folds in skin, nipples, ears and even on the penis.

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It can be used both internally and externally - meaning you can either rub it on the affected area, or swallow it to fight the yeast bacteria from the inside. Fresh garlic is always best, but there are plenty of garlic supplements available in almost any store these days too. Nizarol works best when used on localized infections (confined to only one area of the body). Some people with genital yeast infections also put the yogurt directly on the infected area, to get the beneficial bacteria right where they're needed. There have been no studies that prove that this works, but thousands of people swear by it, and it certainly can't hurt.


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